Letterpressed poster

skills: letterpress printing & setup, design, Adobe InDesign

media: poster, visual design 

made as an extension for “Drew’s ABCs” award-winning book under advisement of Ned Drew and Brenda McManus. Took part in an art gallery show “Lasting Impressions”

in collaboration with BRED Nation
and Gisela Ochoa.

project roles: designer, letterpress printer



Show: Lasting Impressions 

Lasting Impressions is a condensed view of the evolution of the poster in letterpress printing and how this 19th century practice is preserved not only by those who practice art, but also by those who help redefine it, maintaining its relevance in contemporary design. 

An exhibition by
Brenda McManus, BRED Letterpress
& Robert Wilson, Bowne & Co.

The posters were displayed in
the Art Gallery at Pace University,
41 Park Road, 1st Floor,
July 2 - September 27, 2019.